Introduction to Theatre in Central Asia & Afghanistan

Cover for Introduction to Theatre in Central Asia & Afghanistan. Title text on a white page with logos and credits.

An introduction to theatre today in Central Asia and Afghanistan is a downloadable publication written by Simon Tordjman for IETM.

“Situated at the crossroads of the Silk Road between East and West, the Central Asian countries have long been home to people representing a wide variety of cultures. Central Asia is a unique cultural area that has long witnessed encounters between ancient civilizations and cultures and where many religions and beliefs, tangible and intangible heritages and sedentary and nomadic peoples continue to intermingle”.

We are pleased to announce that the first Handbook on Central Asian Theatre is now available online.

This publication is a result of the ongoing “Central Asian Caravan Theatre” project, implemented by IETM ( and Central Asian Initiatives ( and mainly supported by Open Society Institute and HIVOS.

This project aims to create a Central Asian Performing Arts network and strengthen connections between Central Asian performing arts operators within the region and with the “West”.

The Handbook on Central Asian Theatre is intended as a practical guide for international cooperation between performing art professionals, from Central Asia, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.

It provides culture specialists and field operators with an interesting (net)working tool.

It is a 94 page publication consisting of:

- A database of performing arts companies in Central Asia and Afghanistan
- A summary of the key points discussed and the overall conclusion of
the Theater meetings hold in Tajikistan 2005 and in Kyrgyzstan 2006.
- Some case studies and good practice examples of international
cooperation in artistic creation.