International Cultural Relations

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In a context informed by the increasing geopolitical tussle, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, experiences and traumas of the Covid-19 pandemic and broader economic, political, social and technological change, the practices and the very paradigm of global international cultural relations (ICR) must be constantly evaluated. The stakeholders of ICR, ranging from the state to the individual and including cultural and creative sector civil society organisations (CSOs) and cultural actors, have both a role to play and at the same time must hold themselves and others accountable for creating the space and time to develop more sustainable, accessible, equitable and inclusive ICR.

This document represents a collection of topics, recommendations, tangible steps and project ideas drawn from the Voices of Culture Structured Dialogue on ICR in February 2022. Four considerations – equity, space, access and time – have been used to address complex topics in ICR. They enhance, within this framework, a more inclusive approach and bring new voices into the co-design of ICR activities and the exploring of funding mechanisms. While avoiding reinventing the wheel, the discussions gave space to share knowledge, time to read and learn from others, and an understanding of the gaps in information, knowledge and perspectives.

Written and edited by independent expert Sana Ouchtati, the report contains the input of over 40 stakeholders in the field of International Cultural Relations. On the Move was one of the 40 stakeholders involved in the process of producing this report.