International Co-Production Manual

Cover for International Co-Production Manual. Title on a bright blue background, positioned over a word cloud featuring words like 'production', 'festival' and 'artistic'.

KAMS (Korea Arts Management Service) and IETM (international network for contemporary performing arts) are delighted to launch the International Co-Production Manual Researched and written by Judith Staines, MJ Chung and Sophie Travers.

The aim of the publication was to explore and demystify the process of international co-production, to explain different models and mechanisms of co-production and to spell out the benefits and challenges. The idea was to get under the skin of the co-production process which, all too often, only focuses on the final product. The authors wanted to tell some of the stories of co-production, to check out what goes on behind the scene and see what could be learned from this. The manual was to speak to both seasoned co-producers and to less experienced performing arts professionals starting out on an international career. It was to provide encouragement and give a reality check. It would do this by talking to the people who initiate, finance, manage, dream and sweat over international co-productions.

The publication was researched in December 2010/January 2011, written in February/March 2011 and launched at the IETM Spring Plenary Meeting in Stockholm in April 2011. Read more about it on the IETM website.