i-Portunus Houses Volumes on Mobility

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The European Cultural Foundation, MitOst and Kultura Nova Foundation implemented the ‘i-Portunus Houses – Kick-Start a Local Mobility Host Network for Artists & Cultural Professionals in All Creative Europe Countries’ project which included research on mobility in culture carried out by experts from different disciplines, among whom were Tsveta Andreeva, Marta Jalšovec, Ana Žuvela, Petra Rodik, Toni Attard, Vedran Horvat and the Institute for political ecology, with Dea Vidović being the research leader.

As a result of this research, Kultura Nova Foundation has released this publication consisting of 4 interconnected volumes. Each volume of the publication represents one of the research sections: (1) conceptual framework of mobility in culture; (2) the study on mobility in culture from the perspectives of artists, cultural professionals, hosts and funders; (3) an evaluation of i-Portunus Houses mobility grant scheme; and (4) scenario for the future of mobility in culture.

On the Move contributed with an article for Volume 1, ‘Mobility in Culture: Conceptual Frameworks and Approaches’. This piece addresses different aspects of mobility in culture, highlighting current thinking and perspectives and suggesting the main challenges for the future. The article was written by Claire Rosslyn-Wilson in collaboration with Marie Le Sourd with the title: ‘Learning from (im)mobility: Revamped cultural mobility formats and remaining challenges’.