How to Take Your Staff Exchange Programme to the Next Level

Cover for How to Take Your Staff Exchange Programme to the Next Level. Simple illustration of two purpley blobs on a field of mint green - shapes about to do a staff exchange.

This toolkit looks at staff exchanges as a powerful tool for professional and personal development. It offers tips and food for thought for all organisations interested in offering or upgrading opportunities for professional mobility via staff exchanges.

The toolkit was developed by On the Move as a complement to a multiyear research on the impact of BECC, the ENCC’s flagship staff exchange and training programme, which has been running since 2008. Starting from the conclusions of that research, author Maïa Sert compared BECC to other staff exchange programmes from the cultural sector (especially in cultural networks), to map the different paths and choices that can be taken in designing and developing that type of programme.

‘In 2016, it was already estimated that 20% of our working time should be dedicated to learning new skills and developing new competencies, as the next two years may bring a change in our work’s scope and content, or even a change in our working environment.’

Who is this publication for? Cultural and other non-profit organisations, working on creating, developing or transforming a learning/mobility programme that can maximise short- and long-term professional and personal benefits for the participants.