Halaqat: Lessons for the Future

Halaqat - Exploring Cultural Links Between Europe and the Arab World

Mobility, Funding, Crisis as a Permanent State, Fair Cultural Relations, Sharing of Expertise. These five topics were the end point of the Lessons for the Future the Halaqat experts drafted together in Brussels in May 2022. These Lessons for the Future have established the path by which improved cultural relations between Europe and the Arab world can be achieved.

Halaqat is a project organised by the Goethe-Institut and Bozar with many Arab and European partners: Cinemaximiliaan, Atelier Graphoui, Sound Image Culture - SIC, iMAL, Cairotronica, San3atech FabLab Egypt, Werkplaats Walter, Amman Jazz Festival, Théâtre Marni, Studio 8, La Bellone and the Ad’Hoc Platform.