Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts

Cover for the Green Mobility Guide - title text on a soft greeny-bluey background.

Commissioned by On The Move, the Green Mobility Guide was researched and delivered by Julie’s Bicycle, a charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. It offers practical recommendations for professionals across the performing arts, gives case studies and resources, and includes the Julie’s Bicycle ‘IG tool’ for tracking carbon emissions while on tour.

Sustainability touches all aspects of our creative sectors. It stimulates carbon as well as financial savings, communicates a positive brand to audiences and artists, preempts regulatory demands and builds resilience into our future business models. However, while awareness is strong, finding solutions that are relevant and realistic, tailored to the realities of touring, is much more elusive. This piece of work, commissioned by OTM, is an attempt to address the core problem – moving productions contingent on travel and transportation – as sustainably as possible. The performing arts are characterised by creativity, resourcefulness and innovation. This guide hopes to galvanise these qualities and inspire greater ambition so that, together, the arts can play a pivotal role in our future.

This guide is also available in four other languages: German, Italian, French and Chinese.