Good Practice Report on Cultural & Creative Sectors Export and Internationalisation Support Strategies

This report (published in April 2014) is the outcome of the work carried out by the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) Working Group on Cultural and Creative Sectors’ Export and Internationalisation Support Strategies, a group of experts representing the 28 EU Member States which was launched in October 2012 under the Council Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014. The report builds on and complements the existing literature on the potential of cultural and creative sectors in the European Union and it is the first of its kind with a particular focus on cultural and creative sectors’ exports and internationalisation.

The report also represents the newest link in the chain of papers produced by the different OMC working groups in line with the current and previous Council Work Plans for Culture. With policy statements and a substantial number of good practices from different Member States, this body of work illustrates the impressive array of measures and activities that are carried out in Europe to pursue key cultural policy objectives.