Europeans on the Move

‘Europeans on the move - Portraits of 31 mobile workers’ is a book published by the European Commission as part of the European Year of Workers’ Mobility. Officially launched by Commissioner Valdimír Špidla at an exhibition in Brussels on 12 October 2006, the book is a collection of 31 personal stories of individuals who work in another European country.

The publication shares the experiences of fellow Europeans of all ages and from all walks of life in an open and informal way. The individual profiles – based on interviews carried out in several European cities – are illustrated with a portrait of each mobile worker and a series of photos shot in their workplace and in their daily lives.

The book shows the many and varied reasons for moving to another country, and some real insight into the experiences it can offer. Copies of the book are available to order free-of-charge from the EU bookshop. The current English edition is joined by French and German versions.