European Parliament Report on Promoting Workers' Mobility Within the European Union

Cover for European Parliament Report on Promoting Workers' Mobility  - text on a white page.

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parlament adopted an report on promoting workers’ mobility within the European Union in response to a Commission communication on the question.

In this document, Membersof the European Parlament (MEPs) call on the Commission to:

  • extend and improve the scope of projects aiming at increasing women’s labour mobility;
  • further promote labour mobility by presenting a long-term, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, mobility strategy to ban all existing legal, administrative and practical barriers to free movement of workers;
  • enhance the mobility of the workforce by planning and promoting further strategies to provide simplified information concerning the rights of migrant workers and the benefits of mobility.

MEPs call on the Member States to:

  • remove obstacles to workers’ mobility by offering women who follow their husbands or partners to another Member State appropriate services to facilitate their integration into their new social and cultural environment;
  • create mechanisms of cooperation aimed at preventing the devastating effects on families, especially on children, caused by the separation from their parents and the distance between them.