European Funded Projects 2019: Focus on Circus and Street Arts

A multiple exposure photo of a fencer, who appears as a shadowy form in three stances, surrounded by bright trails of light.

This publication presents a mapping of circus and street arts projects that have received funding from the Creative Europe Programme, as well as from the Erasmus + and Interreg programmes of the European Commission in 2019, along with a selection from 2020.

A new tool, for what objectives?

This new edition pursues the following objectives: to identify projects and networks currently active in the circus and street arts sectors, to promote available opportunities for artists and cultural professionals, and to highlight inspiring community-related grants.

A new tool, for whom?

Artists, companies, collectives, cultural professionals and organisation, policy makers willing to better understand the talents and evolution of the sectors, its aesthetics, formats and contents.

A new tool to inspire & empower circus and street arts professionals

Among the 66 circus and street arts EU-funded projects (2019) collected in the frame of this research and presented in this publication (which does not claim to be exhaustive), you’ll find: 41 circus arts specific, 14 street arts specific and 9 multidisciplinary projects. Check the key facts and numbers section to know more and discover the main info on the projects selected.

Publication produced by Circostrada in collaboration with On the Move.

Credits: Light Painting, ©2014 JanLeonardo