Cultura21 eBooks series on Culture and Sustainability

The Cultura21 eBooks Series on Culture and Sustainability presents findings from inter- and trans-disciplinary perspectives in research and practice. The eBooks are published openly online by Cultura21 Institut e.V. in order to support broad dissemination and to stimulate further debates in civil society and further action-research in the field.

Since December 2010, following topics have been addressed:

#1 - Das „Projekt Nachhaltigkeit“ Zu den Grenzen des Nachhaltigkeitskonzepts aus kultureller Perspektive

#2 - Le Syndrome Karamoja. Repenser la crise des sociétés pastorales dans le contexte de la globalisation

#3 - Creative Cities and (Un)Sustainability - Cultural Perspectives

#4 - Negatives Menschenbild und Separationsdenken der modernen Gesellschaft

#5 - Soziale Plastik. 48 Stunden Neukölln

#6 - Sustainable Fashion: New approaches within the Fashion Industries

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Cultura21 is a platform for the promotion of a cultural change in the sense of a sustainable, social ecological change process, i.e. for a cultura evolution of societies and lifestyles. Read more about Cultura21 here.