Creating and Updating a Travel Policy

Creating and maintaining an up-to-date travel policy can help your organisation reduce its carbon footprint, and embed sustainability within the core behaviour of your business.

Creative Carbon Scotland recently reviewed and updated their policy regarding business travel, as part of their commitment to strengthen their sustainability actions as the organisation develops. Each element of the existing policy was addressed, and compared to similar SMEs and organisations working at a variety of scales across the United Kingdom.

Our policy is now more specific in its advice as to which form of travel should be prioritised over a specific distance, ensuring that when planning our required travel for work – such as to Glasgow for our regular Green Tease events, to the Highlands and Islands for consultation work, or around Edinburgh to GAI venues nearby – we have clear guidelines to follow.

The policy was designed to be attractive and easy to read, and to include information about relative carbon emissions for alternative modes of transportation. We also expanded our travel commitment to include measuring how we move around, as well as to address alternatives to travel completely.

Creative Carbon Scotland is part of the EU funded project, GALA

Refer as well to the Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts Sector in English, French, Italian, Chinese and German (commissioned to Julie’s Bicycle)