Create in Public Space: Infographics and Learning Points

A computer screen filled with a buzzing collection of icons and floating shapes.

This report evaluates the implementation and dissemination of the MOOC ‘Create in Public space’, produced by FAI-AR in partnership with IN SITU from September 2017 till August 2019. This MOOC was supported as well by the French Ministry of Culture and ArtCena.

Designed and produced through a two-year process, this MOCC was made public free of charge over two sessions, the first from September to December 2019, the second one from March to June 2020.

This report, done in collaboration with On the Move (Maïa Sert) relies on materials collected from December 2019 to August 2020. The first section is a presentation of the MOOC genesis, production and implementation. The second edition details the data on which evaluation is based. The third section offer and analyses the collected material.

Using, analysing and sharing both quantitative and qualitative form of data, this report aims to be both useful for users of MOOC but also for organisations interested in investing in MOOC particularly at a European and international leveL

Layout by Chloé Msset.