The Collective Management of Rights in Europe

Title, 'The Collective Management of Rights in Europe' on a blank white page.

A study commissioned by the European Parliament from KEA - European Affairs, published in 2006, on The Collective Management of Rights in Europe - the Quest for Efficiency. Available in English and French.

Summary: In the EU there are approximately 65 music licensing societies that collected € 5 billion in 2004 on behalf of authors, composers, publishers, performers and record companies.

Collecting societies in music representing authors, composers and performers count around 900 000 members in the EU (the definition of members includes: authors, composers, music publishers, musicians and performers).

This study examines the legal framework governing collective management in the field of copyright and neighbouring rights in the European Union, with a particular emphasis on musical works.

The report also provides information on the economic, social and cultural value of collective
management, predominantly in the field of music, highlighting Europe’s competitive strength in rights management and the characteristics of rights management in the European Union.

It provides members of the European Parliament with information on national legislation governing collective management as well as a briefing on the reforms proposed by the European Commission in relation to the provision of online music services.