Center for Sustainable Practices in the Arts

The CSPA’s primary service involves gathering and distributing information related to sustainable art and art-making, from a centralized information network.  Thanks to an diverse news partners, new information can be found on the main page almost daily.

CSPA distributes monthly newsletters via e-mail with highlighted news, calls for participation, and upcoming events. 

The CSPA Quarterly is published seasonally, and features both established and rising artists, academic essays, opinion articles, event highlights, and spotlights on creative projects in theater, visual art, digital media, dance, film, and music. The Quarterly is not for free.

Some volumes of the CSPA Quarterly are more directly linked to mobility:

- Q1 (Fall 2009): This edition explores sustainable arts practices in performance, visual art & installation, green touring, and eco-policy.

Q4 (Summer 2010): In this issue the CSPA looks at issues of sustainability around digital artwork.

Q5 International Actions (2011): This issue called for work related to International Initiatives. Contributors include ARTPORT, Arts in the One World, Forum for the Future, and much more.

Q8 International Issue: The Sea is rising (2012): This issue focuses on projects that call attention to topics that extend well beyond national borders. With a focus on interdependence, and an abundance of contributions about water, ice, and sea rise, this issue addresses the space between national borders- our oceans.

And, CSPA gathers a selection of books on sustainability and arts online at the Bookstore (an Amazon aStore).