Art in Context: Learning from the Field

Cover for Art in Context: Learning from the Field - words split into blocks of different sizes to build a kind of vertical tower.

This publication is focused on social and participatory art practices analyzed through a methodology of dialogues and conversations with artists and cultural practitioners from Asia and Europe. Among the different topics discussed in the publication, there is the significant emergence of artistic and cultural mobility.

As mentioned by the Co-Editor and Author Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio in his final text: “In most of the practices discussed in this publication, we could find concepts and real experiences related to mobility in its overall dimension: the place and concept of home and belonging; the question of migration; the multiple issues connected to the term identity; the idea of travel, transformation, encounter, nomadism; and many others. Mobility is no longer a temporary issue and condition, but a permanent one that is affecting the existence of people, the shape and dimension of urban and rural landscapes, methods of communication, work systems and definitions, the notions of distance and presence, and even the meaning of life”.