Mobility Funding Guide to Spain

For the international mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

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This funding guide includes two kinds of mobility opportunities for artists and culture professionals: outgoing and incoming. The outgoing opportunities are for people based in Spain wishing to travel outside the country. The incoming opportunities are for people from other countries who want to travel to Spain.

The guide lists local, national, and international resources, both public and private. We have only opportunities that are regularly occurring, accessible online, invite applications through open calls, and that cover at least a portion of international travel costs, although a new chapter has been added to include additional resources that do not meet the full criteria for inclusion but that offer interesting opportunities.

This guide was produced in partnership with the Creative Europe Culture Office Spain thanks to the support of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Thanks to Jordi Baltà and Danielle Bishop of Trànsit Projectes for researching and updating the 2023 edition of this guide.