Mobility Funding Guide to Kosovo

Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals - Focus on the Balkan Region

Our Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for Kosovo is part of a larger guide focused on the Balkan region, produced by On the Move as part of its multiannual programme co-funded by the European Union.

In line with the series of cultural mobility funding guides, this guide is meant to be a resource for artists and other arts workers looking to finance their cross-border travel to and/or from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

Beyond helping artists and cultural professionals to identify sources of funding or related resources, this guide also aims to be a useful reference document for policy makers and funders with a special interest in the Balkan region.

General Coordination
Yohann Floch (On the Move)

John Ellingsworth (On the Move), Bianca Floarea (independent researcher), Yohann Floch (On the Move), Tanja Kos (Motovila), Mateja Lazar (Motovila), Marie Le Sourd (On the Move), Diellza Shala (Anibar), Rina Statovci (Anibar), Ines Vanjak (Kultura Nova Foundation).

Acknowledgments for their support
Armando Bala (Albania), Marta Jalšovec (Croatia), Granit Karagjyzi (Kosovo), Valentina Koça (Albania), Vladimir Stojchevski (North Macedonia), Dimitrije Tadić (Serbia)

John Ellingsworth

Graphic design and layout
Marine Domec