Solidarity with Ukraine / (En)forced Mobility

Last updated: 8 September 2022
The Ukrainian national flag - two horizontal stripes of navy blue and canary yellow.

As stated on our Facebook page on 25 February 2022: ‘As usual and more than ever, together with our members, we shall continue in this context and beyond, to inform artists / culture professionals in needs of #relocation / #support from #Ukraine and other affected contexts.’

This page lists key resource pages or information. For one-off calls and opportunities, we regularly share calls for residencies, funding, and other initiatives on On the Move’s Facebook and Twitter pages that are relevant for Ukraine and artists / culture professionals at risk.

Direct links to OTM members’ initiatives

Regulations for displaced Ukrainian people

Information on European institution webpages:

Petitions / statements

Organisations collecting information / offering support for artists and culture professionals

Funding (including through work placements / residencies)

Information and resources