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  • Information on Entry, Residence and Employment of Foreign Artists in Austria
    Art lives of international contacts, of border crossing and encounters with other cultures. Despite the availability of effective communication tools, the personal mobility of artists is still crucial.
    Posted 20 December 2012
  • Between Crisis and New Beginnings - EUNIC Yearbook
    How can Europe make clear what it stands for? How can Europe show that it goes beyond words and takes action? What are the advantages of a common European foreign cultural policy? And how can Europe benefit from its specific capabilities?
    Posted 1 November 2012
  • Cover for Circostrada residency directory. Shows two figures in high-vis safety vests putting up a poster which shows a cloud of overlapping words.
    Circus and Street Arts: Directories of Artistic Residency Centres in Belgium and in France
    Circostrada Network has posted a series of directories, available to download, of artistic residency centres that are specialised in the street and circus arts, or that host artists from these sectors.
    Posted 7 September 2012
  • Cover for European Circus Charter for Hosting Circuses in Towns. Photo of a red and yellow big top under a blue evening sky.
    European Circus Charter for Hosting Circuses in Towns
    This publication aims to promote circus arts in public spaces throughout Europe, by suggesting good practices to which signatories – circuses, local governments and other hosting entities – may willingly commit themselves.
    Posted 7 September 2012
  • Ars Baltica Cultural Maps
    The ARS BALTICA Cultural Map offers a selection of links from the broad range of cultural activities in the Baltic Sea Region, covering following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.
    Posted 6 September 2012
  • A database of connected nodes forms the cover of this guide to 140 funding schemes.
    140 aides privées et publiques en faveur de la culture / 140 private and public funding schemes for culture
    In line with its mission of supporting creation and information, the CNAP - National center for fine arts (France) publishes this guide to “140 private and public funding for artists” (in French only).
    Posted 25 June 2012
  • Cover for To Moscow! Title text on a classic red background.
    To Moscow! Networking and Mobility Guide for Performing Arts in Russia
    The Finnish Theatre Information Centre (TINFO) has published a handbook “To Moscow!.”, which contains tips and recommendations to Finnish theatres planning to tour Russia and will definitely be of help to all those planning to perform in Russia and to Russian theatres.
    Posted 14 December 2011
  • Exploratory Mapping of Intermediary Organisations Supporting Performing Arts Circulation in Europe
    The SPACE network invested on the improvement of the sector’s intermediaries capacity building in view of fruitful and sustainable mobility. This exploratory mapping is meant to initiate a reflection on the sector’s organisational models and dynamics.
    Posted 9 December 2011
  • Title of publication contained in a colorfully bordered, squarish speech bubble.
    New Legal Guide to Cultural Mobility in Spain
    This publication, available in Spanish, addresses issues such as residence and work permits, labour and Social Security legislation, taxation, the recognition of academic and professional qualifications and business creation.
    Posted 2 December 2011
  • Multi-coloured speech bubble containing the title of the publication: Mobility Infopoint Mapping Finland.
    Mobility Infopoint Mapping Finland
    Finland. Tinfo - the Finnish Theatre Information Center, partner to the EU mobility pilot project Practics, carried out a mapping of the Mobility Information services in Finland.
    Posted 26 October 2011
  • Cover for Art of Difference. Outdoor photograph showing a blue painted fence stretching over a field, woodland in the distance.
    The Art of Difference: From Europe as a Cultural Project to EU Policies for Culture
    Gottfried Wagner, former Director of the European Cultural Foundation, has written a new publication looking at Europe as a cultural project and the development of EU policies for culture.
    Posted 29 July 2011
  • Artists Moving & Learning European Comparative Report: 'Artists' Mobility Should be Understood as an Investment in Human Capital'
    Artists moving and learning - the research project that analysed artistic mobility in Europe from an educational and lifelong learning perspective has just been released. Now you can read the European comparative study as well as the ten National reports.
    Posted 11 February 2011
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