Practics Infotools

This section gathers links to all the information tools produced by the PRACTICS mobility pilot project Infopoints and partners to support the mobility of artists and cultural operators across the EU.

What is Practics? Find out more about the Practics project and read the PRACTICS final report.

The Practics Infotools section allows you to:

  • Find the practical and user-friendly information you need for your mobility experience across the EU or in specific countries provided by the four Practics Infopoints based in four different countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Wales.
  • Read the diverse mappings, guides, events reports and policy documents on relevant key cultural mobility issues produced by the Practics partners during the course of the project.

These Infotools target artists and other culture professionals willing to access more information to be mobile across borders as well as other information providers having to deal with mobility related questions. 

Discover the country-specific and European wide information tools in the following key mobility topics:

Regulatory Issues




The Infotools are ordered according to the criteria adopted by the text Information Standards for the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals developed in 2011 by an experts' group convened by the European Commission, in which On the Move took part.