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  • Artistic Mobility: Views from European Cities and Artists
    ‘Artistic mobility: views from European cities and artists’ is a new study conducted by the city of Turin (former chair of the EUROCITIES ‘Mobility of artists’ working group) in partnership with EUROCITIES.
    Posted 23 January 2017
  • Culture for Cities and Regions - 70 Case Studies
    In 2014, EUROCITIES was chosen by the European Commission to lead a brand new initiative called ‘Culture for cities and regions’. They are implementing it in partnership with KEA European Affairs and ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network).
    Posted 2 January 2016
  • International Actions of European Local Authorities: Crushed by the Economic Crisis or Rejuvenated by New Concepts?
    The research looked at the different forms of municipal actions in terms of international cooperation, questioned the engagement of European municipalities and explained the recognition of city diplomacy. Part of the EU Award project.
    Posted 2 July 2014
  • European Cities and Cultural Mobility: Trends and Support Actions
    This study “European cities and cultural mobility: Trends and support actions” analyses the policies and actions implemented by large European cities to support the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. This study is based on the results of a survey completed by 24 cities in 15 European countries.
    Posted 11 September 2013
  • Cover for Integrating Cities Toolkits. Shows clusters of red overlapping circles, like map markers.
    New Tools for Cities on Migrant Integration
    Eurocities, the network of major European cities, has recently published three practical toolkits to facilitate integration. Their objective is to guide city administrators in reaching European standards in migrant integration; one of the publications addresses the issue from the perspective of cultural diversity promotion.
    Posted 6 September 2012