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  • ICT Toolkit - An Introductory Toolkit for Artists and Arts Organisations
    The toolkit, presented by the Africa Arts Institute (AFAI), provides an accessible online resource for anyone in need of advice on how to use everyday IT tools as effectively as possible.
    Posted 9 December 2013
  • The cover of the migrant artist's handbook bears colourful stripes in teal, orange, red and green, with icons representing different activities.
    The Migrant Artist’s Handbook: A Guide to Living and Working in Cape Town & Johannesburg
    The African Arts Institute launched The Migrant Artist’s Handbook: A guide to living and working in Cape Town & Johannesburg. The handbook undertakes to provide both Migrant and South African start-up artists with resources, references and tools to approach various arts disciplines with self-fulfilling and self-sustaining imperatives.
    Posted 7 May 2012