7 open calls
  • Open Call 2023
    Little Islands Festival: Open Call for Site-Specific Projects (Greece)
    Presenting Work / Residencies
  • A smiling man in front of a large print of rolling ocean waves.
    British Council: UK-Poland Arts Scoping Grants
    Project Funding
  • Technarte - where science and technology meet.
    Technarte: Call for Papers from Artists and Technologists (Spain)
    Meetings & Collaboration
  • A woman in a white shirt and a blue dress clasps her hands, appearing to be singing or declaiming, in a meadow strewn with flowers.
    Astragali Teatro: Open Call to Co-create the Multilingual, Site-specific Performance Antigone’s Cantica (Spain, Poland, Italy)
    Meetings & Collaboration
  • Open call - Jewish art and activism.
    FestivALT: Call for Works Engaging with Contemporary Jewish Poland
    Presenting Work
  • A young person with a backward facing baseball cap and a skater look is gazing out onto a cityscape of tall clustered buildings.
    Goethe-Institut: Cities Ahead in Logroño (Spain)
    Commissions & Tenders
  • A river meanders through a vibrantly green grassy marshy wetland landscape. Pine trees in the distance.
    WaterLANDS: Call for European Artists for Four-year Residencies at Six Wetlands Restoration Sites