5 open calls
  • Illustration of Planet Earth, in a cosmos of coloured spheres. People stand on its surface and lines of code grow out of it like skyscrapers.
    CODE 2023: Call for Artists and Non-artists to Help Reclaim Our Digital Agency (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany)
    Meetings & Collaboration
  • A man in a red jacket stands in a pulpit over a congregation of audience members. He is reading from a book as though giving a sermon. From his body stretch two spectacular wings built from white radiators.
    minus20degree: Open Call for Contemporary Art and Architecture (Austria)
    Presenting Work
  • A floating, menacing, gigantic pair of dentures.
    bb15: Open Call for Works on the Theme of 'Friction' (Austria)
  • Illustration of two penguins zooming through deep dark waters, where they have discovered a multicoloured egg thing on the ocean floor.
    The Penguin Project: Train The Trainer Programme (Austria / Online)
    Closing soon
  • A river meanders through a vibrantly green grassy marshy wetland landscape. Pine trees in the distance.
    WaterLANDS: Call for European Artists for Four-year Residencies at Six Wetlands Restoration Sites