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zusa: ‘What’s Next?’ Residencies for Artists and Cultural Professionals (Germany)


The cultural and civil society organisation zusa is organising residencies in Berlin in the framework of ‘What’s next?’ which will focus on two thematic axes:

  • Reflection and re-thinking on the idea of solidarity in Europe.
  • Mental well-being of artists and cultural professionals.

Residents will be encouraged to explore possible interrelations between those two seemingly distant topics. The residencies will be dedicated to experimenting, collaborating, exchanging, and exploring what kind of micro-utopian interaction art may propose in reaching solidarity. How does solidarity look in culture and what is its future in the face of continuing crises affecting the world? Can supporting the mental well-being of arts professionals become a driving force for the future of solidarity in culture?

Six artists and one curator or researcher or culture manager will be invited to spend time in Berlin between February and April 2024. Since not all the artists will meet during the residency, the curator / researcher / culture manager will team up with an invited local curator to interconnect and build a bridge between residencies.

During the residencies artists and cultural professionals will be asked to work on reflection diaries on the residency topic. The form for the diary will be a free choice – e.g. notes, sketches, short videoart, sound recording, etc. Other than that, the residents will be expected to prepare two small-scale meetings / events for a community of artists, culture managers, researchers and friends gathered around the AiR zusa programme, zusa and MitOst networks. The form of the meetings will be decided by residents together.

The residents will also be offered networking opportunities with the Berlin local culture scene, as well as external mental health support in the form of individual sessions and group circles which are a fixed component of the residency programme in the zusa organisation. There will be a possibility to slow down and take a break in nature in Brandeburg.

zusa offers residents:

  • A monthly stipend of 1000 EUR, accommodation (in an individual room) in Berlin and travel costs reimbursement up to 200 EUR.
  • A safer and supportive environment, where they can work without fear of discrimination or harassment.
  • Access to zusa’s network (Berlin & international);
  • There is the possibility to come to the residency with family. The resident will be responsible for covering the family members’ travel costs. The additional fellowship will be offered (1 child = 200 EUR, 2 children = 300 EUR).

The residency is dedicated to artists and cultural professionals based in European countries but with focus on Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Austria, and Germany. The priority will be given to the following disciplines: visual arts, architecture, music, literature. However, zusa allow for the possibility of extending the group to other disciplines.


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