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Zurich University of the Arts: School of Commons (Online / Switzerland)

School of Commons

School of Commons (SoC) is looking for groups and individuals who would like to conduct their research and practice as a part of the SoC community and informal study programme from May 2023 - February 2024.

School of Commons is an informal study programme dedicated to the development of self-organised knowledge and alternative methods for learning, located at Zurich University of the Arts but taking place mostly online. SoC hopes to establish a community of practitioners in which reciprocal exchange, experimentation and openness, peer learning, and a friendly atmosphere are the main ingredients. As such, the content and position of SoC is heavily defined by its community.

SoC endeavours to enact and explore alternative and experimental methods for collaboration and exchange, as well as the critical evaluation and exploration of how knowledge is produced and shared, by learning with and from peers and others in related fields. At the core of SoC is the maintenance of relational practices and a process-oriented approach. SoC works inwardly in these ways, but also outwardly too, by organising events to make the work and practice of participants public, including workshops, exhibitions and performances.

The learning environment that SoC aims to facilitate and encourage is self-directed, experimental, collaborative, non-hierarchical, and welcomes those who engage with these notions in different ways and wish to expand their research and practice by multiplying it towards others. Through its programme, SoC creates a carefully curated network and environment of people. Participants are typically practitioners and researchers who define themselves as: artists, musicians, designers, dancers, architects, linguists, publishers, programmers, mathematicians, and scientists. However, SoC actively encourage applicants from various, diverse backgrounds to allow for a richly diverse cohort of participants.

For 2023, SoC will be selecting 15 funded projects which will each receive a total budget of 3500 CHF (~3500 EUR) and 7 self-funded solidarity projects who will receive a small amount of financial support towards travel and mentorship opportunities. As School of Commons is centred around collectivity and collaboration, of the 15 funded projects, the jury will select 5 projects conducted by individuals and 10 projects that are facilitated as part of a duo or a collective.

School of Commons expects from each participant their commitment and active participation, within their individual capacities, in all SoC activities and the wider learning environment over the 10 months. This includes bi-weekly meetings and an overall estimated time commitment of 4 days per month.


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