Festival LABVERDE > Call for Amazonian Women Artists (Switzerland)


Protagonists for the environmental struggle and for the protection of the rainforest and its habitants, Amazonian female artists are articulating new gestures, languages and worldviews/cosmoviews about the Amazon from inside, helping us to understand the complexity and importance of the Region around the globe. Based on a logic of co-existence, local female artwork relies on an ethic of care and on a decolonial practice related to other human and non-human actors/subjects, proposing potential answers to the Anthropocene.

For the contribution to the ongoing prominence of Amazonian female art in the international context, CULTURESCAPES in partnership with LABVERDE is offering a three-month residency in Basel, Switzerland, between August and October 2021. The residency will be held in the framework of CULTURESCAPES 2021 Amazonia festival and hosted by the Atelier Mondial residency programme.

The goal of this residency is to encourage research and mutual learning, and to position art practices and research from the Amazon region in a global environment of cross-cultural exchange.

Female and LGBTQIA+ artists from different fields and cultural backgrounds (visual artists, performers, dancers, writers, curators, handcrafters, musicians and movie makers), from the Amazonian Region (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guianas), with a solid level of English are welcome to apply.

The organisers will cover the costs of flights, accommodation, per diem, and health insurance.

Deadline: 24 May 2021

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