Istikshaf regional mobility and freedom of movement policy agenda

This Regional Mobility and Freedom of Movement Policy Agenda aims to develop closer links between a range of stakeholders including mobility operators, government agencies, foundations, donors, voluntary and community organizations, private sector companies, activists and individuals in delivering specific policies and positions and in understanding their impact.

The Arab Education Forum (Jordan), the International Association for Creation and Training (Egypt), and Roberto Cimetta Fund (France), in collaboration with 36 social and cultural organizations so far, indentified 4 policy areas that included 16 policy positions and recommendations and 21 advocacy actions that should be implemented on a regional level.

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The On the Move cultural mobility information network supports the Istikshaf agenda as the process of action and values shared by the Istikshaf policy agenda are in line with the Charter for a Sustainable and Responsible Cultural Mobility.

The Arab Education Forum is a member of On the Move.