Manifesto & Recommendations: IETM meeting 2013 in Athens (Greece)

IETM Athens 2013 has been more than just another IETM meeting. Organising such an event today in Athens was a statement. For the Greek team, they showed their government, their absent funders, their society and us that they are still strongly creative, active and responsible despite lacking economic compensation. For the IETM members, who came to get to know their Greek colleagues and show them their solidarity as well as to learn from and relate to the situation in Greece.

To underline the exchange, discourse and solidarity that took place at IETM Athens, the meeting closed with a Manifesto. An impromptu collective action of Secretary General of Culture Action Europe Luca Bergamo, Secretary General of IETM Nan van Houte and Coordinator of the Greek IETM Athens team Kelly Diapouli. The Manifesto was presented together with the list of recommendations collected during the 3 sessions Let’s design a future at the plenary closing session.

Read the manifesto here.


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- the Guide to funding opportunities for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals in Greece.

- Busart (Greece) is a member of On the Move's network since 6 November 2013.