British Council : Shorts Support Scheme Travel Grant Fund

What is it about?

Have you recently made a short film? Has it been accepted to any of the festivals on our 'Key Festivals' list? If so, as a filmmaker the Shorts Support Scheme Travel Grant Fund is the best way for you to help exhibit your work overseas.

You will also qualify to join our Shorts Support Scheme for an 18 month period giving you access to a variety of different benefits: from promotion of your film to festival programmers around the world to invitation to our bi-monthly networking nights designed to connect new talent to industry.

Where can I go?

Check out our ‘Key Festivals’ list to discover all the film festivals where we can help you promote your work.

 What does it cost?

If you are awarded a travel grant, you will receive a financial contribution towards your travel and accommodation costs. Grants usually range between £200 - £1000 depending on the location of the festival.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility criteria are listed in our ‘British Council Travel Grant Fund Guidelines’. If you are eligible for a Travel Grant you will also qualify for the Shorts Support Scheme.

What is the availability?

We currently support travel to 33 international film festivals. 

 What is the deadline?

The fund operates on a rolling basis so you can apply at any time of the year.

For more information, please click here.