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Tartu 2024: Call for proposals for international projects in Tartu (Estonia)

Press board with the words 'Tartu 2024' written over and over.

Tartu 2024 is calling for proposals is to support the implementation of international cultural projects interpreting the concept of the Arts of Survival of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 in the years 2023–2024.

In the call for proposals, cultural projects will be co-financed in two categories:

  • Co-financing of up to 50,000 euros.
  • Co-financing of up to 200,000 euros.

The category is chosen by the applicant according to the total budget of their project. For both categories, Tartu 2024 will co-finance a maximum of 70% of the total project cost.

In the call for proposals, participation is encouraged for projects focused on events aimed at the audience, which may gain support from the creation of new works of art. The call for proposals does not finance infrastructure development costs (permanent buildings or their improvement), fixed costs of institutions (utilities, etc.), or the publication of periodical media.

The project submitted in the proposal must fit in with the values of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, i.e. represent and pass on the values and directions of the creative concept Arts of Survival, which are:

  • A more environmentally friendly urban and rural culture.
  • Education and ingenuity.
  • Physical and mental health.
  • Cross-generational co-creation.
  • Promoting local characteristics.
  • Critical awareness.
  • Cross-sectoral, regional and international cooperation.

The project does not have to cover all the values, but it must not be in fundamental conflict with any of the values.

The project will be implemented in Tartu in the years 2023–2024 so that the main event or events of the project will take place in 2024.


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