Suralita: SURAM Residency for Music and Community Mediation (Spain)

Illustration of six people of different ages listening, playing and dancing to music.

Suralita creation centre would like to support a project combining community mediation and contemporary creation in order to generate flows, through music and sound art, between the different communities and collectives that live together in Manacor (Mallorca, Spain). They are now calling for applications from Spanish or international musicians and sound artists. This initiative is supported by the Manacor City Council.

The call aims to host and accompany a project that focuses its research on social transformation through music and sound art. Special consideration will be given to projects whose main objective is to create links between the different cultures that coexist in the city, to encourage dialogue, cooperation, listening and collective involvement through music and sound art. Projects which have an impact on public space will have priority.

In the initial stage artists get in touch with the associations/communities with which the project would like to be linked. This is followed by a creation residency; for two weeks between July and December 2024, the artist will work with the collective/community with which they are linked to create a musical/sound artistic intervention in the public space. The show/action will be presented in Manacor’s public space.

Support provided includes travel, accomodation and a fee of 1,500 EUR (all taxes included). Suralita undertakes to welcome children and companions of the artist in residence and to cover their travel expenses whenever the resident artist requires it (up to three people staying whenever the artist is accompanied by a child).


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