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Soft Data and Common Wares Artist Residency (USA)

Piles of a slim printed booklet with 'Earth + Space + Body' typed on the bare cover.

‘Soft Data and Common Wares’ is an ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration between the DXARTS Softlab (e-textiles and wearable technology lab run by Afroditi Psarra in DXARTS) and Studio Tilt (interaction design research studio run by Audrey Desjardins in Design). The collaboration probes the connections between working with data-driven approaches and crafting physical artefacts, and examines the intimate spaces of the home and the body, and the assistive and affective technologies they engage with. Both labs are interested in the process of collecting, archiving, and critically transcoding data from the intimate spaces of the home and the body, and the search for meaningful interpretations; they use material experimentations and prototyping as techniques to shape social identities and create intellectual and cultural commons.

With this call artists are invited to join the project in conversations on diverse topics such as: the non-neutrality of data, algorithmic bias, digital labour, the invisible infrastructures of data collection, gender and the body, networks, methods, sonic technologies, interpretative nature of data, and earth + space + body. The goal is to create connections (between people, projects, and spaces) and build a vocabulary of commons. The organisers envision projects that explore the creation of artefacts, materials and processes of any medium (multidisciplinary practices encouraged).

The residency is hosted in an academic setting (at University of Washington, Seattle, USA) so there is a possibility to work with students in art and design. The last week will involve public sharing of the project (including a talk). An exhibition of the work is also planned (e.g. in a gallery setting or installation) beyond the timeframe of the exhibition.

The project offers:

  • $3000 honorarium.
  • Travel funding (up to $650).
  • Accommodation (up to $2000).
  • Shared studio space and access to fabrication equipment.
  • A small budget for materials.
  • Exhibition space.

Soft Data and Common Wares will host two residencies (each one-month long). Residencies will take place in spring 2024 (within the period from 1 April – 30 June 2024).


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