IN SITU: Administration Officer (France)


IN SITU is hiring a new Administration Officer to work at Lieux publics, a National Center for Art in Public space and European production hub, located in the Cité des arts de la rue in Marseille, France.

The administration officer is fully involved in the management of the European project IN SITU, designed by Lieux publics in collaboration with the partners. He/she is in charge of the administrative and financial management of the project, under the supervision of the International projects manager and the Administrator of Lieux publics.

His/her missions are mainly around the IN SITU activities and the current programme (UN)COMMON SPACES (4M€ over 4 years) but he/she is also involved on other potential international projects under the supervision of the International project manager, including NAJM, a Mediterranean cooperation network.

With the International projects manager:

  • Participating to building and managing multi-year budgets according to the strategic orientations and with regards to the operational tools.
  • Gathering financial documents and controlling the eligibility of the expenses of the international projects.
  • Monitoring the cash flow plan for the accounting department.
  • Preparing the financial reports and documents related to expenditures.
  • Follow-up, pre-validation and preparation of the list of expenditures.
  • Drafting, follow up of implementation of the contracts with partners and artistic teams.
  • Participation to production of actions (artistic laboratories, hot houses, partners’ meetings etc.).
  • Follow up of the production of the actions (operational budget, contracts, logistic needs).
  • Potential travels to participate in IN SITU actions.

With the accounting department:

  • Monitoring customer and supplier accounts.
  • Monitoring the various management tools and dashboards required to manage the project.
  • Use of dashboards and compliance with administrative procedures set up by the accounting department.
  • Participation in the preparation of the elements required for end-of-year financial statements.

The position is a permanent contract with a start date between late January and early February 2024. Compensation is TAM group 5 (CCNEAC scale) with annual bonus, luncheon vouchers and health insurance.


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