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OCAT Institute: Call for Research-based Curatorial Project (China)

A modernist blocky glass building on a concrete plaza - OCAT Institute in Beijing.

OCAT Institute in Beijing is pleased to announce the official launch of the ‘2022 Research-Based Curatorial Project’ and is now accepting research-based exhibition proposals from the academic and art circles.

The ‘research-based exhibition’ is a type of art exhibition with specific characteristics and functions. As an institution dedicated to both art research and exhibition, the OCAT Institute has been developing the research-based exhibition as an integral part of its annual programs since 2018. The aim is to promote the integration of art and scholarship, and to provide practical opportunities and an interactive platform for scholars and curators in the field of contemporary art and art history.

Submitted proposals should be research-based. Through exploration of modern and contemporary Chinese art, the project aims to establish a paradigm of values, a mechanism of academic study and an alternative approach, oriented by historical research. The content of the projects shall include, but not be limited to the following subjects: studies of art phenomena or events, art theories; research on a specific genre, such as painting, moving image, architecture, design, sound art, etc.; or research on regional art. All studies with scholarly merit are welcomed.

OCAT Institute will organise a shortlist exhibition with a duration of 2–3 months for selected curators and provide each with a fund within RMB 20,000 (~2850 EUR), tax included. OCAT Institute will then provide a fund of 300,000 RMB (~42,800 EUR) for the final selected candidate(s) of the Research-Based Curatorial Project.


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