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Nouveau Grand Tour Residency 2024 for Young Artists from France, Germany and the Netherlands (Italy)

Somewhat abstract illustrated map of Italy with a number of towns marked.

The Nouveau Grand Tour, conceived and designed by the Institut français d’Italie (IFI) / Embassy of France in Italy, is a residency project for young, talented Europeans under the age of thirty, which takes place throughout Italy and France via a network of partner institutions. This large-scale artistic programme promotes cultural dialogue and the European values of exchange and sharing.

This project is the result of a desire to inaugurate a contemporary form of the 18th century tradition of the Grand Tour, which enabled the youth of Europe to travel from city to city, discovering artistic heritage. This Nouveau Grand Tour will offer the young artists selected the opportunity to be supported in their artistic research and their creative process, without any obligation to produce works, allowing them to come into contact with various local entities in the cultural field.

The Nouveau Grand Tour is a multi-disciplinary programme aimed at artists from all creative fields: visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, audiovisual, etc.), performing arts (theatre, dance, circus, performance, music and sound creation), as well as the cultural and creative industries (fashion, design, architecture and landscape, gastronomy, arts and crafts). For the performing arts category, some partners can host groups or collectives.

The residencies available are:

  • Fondazione Pistoletto Cittadellarte / UNIDEE, Biella (Italy): 21 October to 30 November 2024
  • Palazzo Butera, Palermo (Italy): 30 September to 28 October 2024

Selection criteria

  • Be under 31 years old;
  • Be of French, German or Dutch nationality (or be a resident in one of these countries for at least the last three years);
  • Be able to provide proof of civil liability insurance;
  • Be able to speak English or Italian.

Support provided:

  • Reimbursement of the journey Netherlands – Italy for a maximum of 500 EUR;
  • Accommodation;
  • Living allowance of 1,000 EUR per month per person calculated on a pro rata basis for the duration of the residency. If the artist chooses a ‘green’ mean of transport, the grant is extended to the days of travel;
  • Research grant of up to 500 EUR per project;
  • Access to rehearsal rooms, studios, workshops, specific equipment and curatorial and/or technical support, subject to location.

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