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Nomadic Island: Artist in Residence Camp (Luxembourg)

Google satellite map, with a red marker pin at Lasauvage.

Nomadic Island is an artist residency project that goes beyond the usual creative residency, combining it with the simultaneous experience of living in an international community. Located in Lasauvage, Luxembourg, it is an experimentation platform involving a heterogeneous group of artists on one side, and an equally heterogeneous group of local residents on the other. Over three weeks, this international community creates a space for synergies to arise around the theme of the project: alternative ways of living and working.

With this theme in mind, the Nomadic Island project calls for reflections on the increasing difficulties our society is facing in its current lifestyle of overconsumption. Even though part of society has reached a certain level of consciousness concerning the negative effects our degree of consumption causes to the environment, there are still many open questions about what can be done and how. The Nomadic Island project aims to raise awareness about possible innovative lifestyles that have low environmental impact and are more sustainable socially, economically, ecologically, and culturally.

Projects will be in residence 18 July - 8 August 2022.

Key points:

  • Selected artists will settle themselves with their own sleeping facilities. Their living installation will have to be as self-produced and autonomous as possible. Their self-produced independent accommodation should constitute a part of their artistic concept and should reflect their approach to the theme of alternative ways of living and working. The sleeping facilities may be anything from a simple tent to a recreational vehicle to a self built on-site hut or other style of accommodation.
  • The artistic proposals have to fit the participative and collaborative philosophy of the Nomadic Island project and consider issues of sustainability, community building, interaction and participation of local residents. Their idea/concept must encompass the participation of, and collaboration with, a group of 10 young people (aged 13 to 19) and a group of 10 adults, local residents. The project is a constructive and educational experience for all participants.

Nomadic Island will provide the artists with a remuneration of 2000 euro per artistic contribution. Travel expenses to the Nomadic Island location will be refunded up to 200 euro upon proof of payment. All meals will be provided by the organisation during the whole month of residence.


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