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Narva Art Residency: Residency for Artists or Creative Duos to Create Sculptural Artworks or Urban Installations in Public Space (Estonia)

NART open call 2024.

Narva Art Residency (NART) is announcing its next open call for residencies in the European-Russian border city of Narva.

Narva Art Residency is a unique cultural space that operates thanks to a collaboration between the Estonian Academy of Arts, Narva Gate, and the Estonian Ministry of Culture. NART initiates and facilitates residencies, art exhibitions, public events of many kinds, and hosts educational activities. It is a vibrant centre which welcomes a multitude of visitors and guests and has become close with the Narva community.

The residency is located on the Estonian-Russian border city of Narva. Due to its location and the current geopolitical situation, the city has become a point of attention and as well a place where Ukrainian refugees enter Europe. NART is in the historic Kreenholm area which came about when a textile manufacturing company was founded in mid-19th century. It was once the largest of its kind in Europe and Russia. Now it stands vacant but has become a source of inspiration for artists and a space allowing experiments. NART is housed in a historic villa, which was once home to the director of factory.

Within the current open call, three artists or creative duos will be offered funded residency places to create sculptural artworks, or urban installations in the public spaces of Narva. These residencies give the possibility to delve deeper into community action through physically visible artworks that get the attention of new audiences. The hope is that the urban interventions will bring curious ideas and will invoke discussions on the role of art in public space. It has recently been a hot topic as Soviet monuments have become recontextualised in light of the war. Artists are invited to give a workshop for local youth during their stay in Narva. There will be three additional mentors involved who will give their support to the three selected artists or duos.

These three residencies last from 1 July until 29 August, and come with a 25€ allowance per day, travel budget, and a 1000€ budget for production. The programme is part of a European-funded project under the Creative Europe programme. Applicants must be legal residents in a Creative Europe country other than Estonia (the host country).


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