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MODINA: Open Call for Europe-based Dance Artist and Creative Technologist Duos (Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary)

A dancer doing a half split on the floor bows her head and holds up her hands, fingers splayed. Behind, colourful geometric shapes are projects on black cloth.

The project MODINA (Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience) aims to expand the creative possibilities for contemporary dance performances, and augment the experience for the audience, using digital technology – with an emphasis on exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and audience interaction, on-site and online. MODINA is a 3-year Creative Europe cooperation project, co-financed by the European Union.

Within the intersection between contemporary dance and technology, increasing attention is being given to AI (computers as creative partners) and to audience interaction (a shift from passive spectators to active participants). This creates interesting challenges for dance artists and creative technologists: how to integrate computational systems and audience members in a performance as co-creators, in a way that enhances the artistic work?

In the scope of MODINA, the partners are opening a call for artist residencies for multidisciplinary duos, encompassing competences in dance and in technology (particularly related to computational creativity and audience interaction), for example: a dancer/choreographer and a creative technologist. In the first stage of MODINA, 5 residencies of 8 weeks will be organised across 5 performance centres: CNDB (Romania), Kino Siska (Slovenia), STL (Estonia), tanzhaus nrw (Germany), and Trafo (Hungary). These residencies will receive mentorship from academic partners, from 3 universities: Hochschule Düsseldorf, Tallinn University and University of Lisbon.

The five 8-week residencies will take place between November 2023 and April 2024.

The programme offers:

  • Travel/Accommodation.
  • A budget composed of (gross amounts):
    • Artist fee of €5000 for the 8 weeks per each of the 2 artists.
    • Production budget of up to €3000, which can also be used for hire(s), e.g. an additional dancer or an additional programmer, musician, video artist etc, for example during the 4 weeks in the studio.
    • Additional production needs might also be covered, in agreement with the host institution.
  • Access to equipment of the host institution.
  • Assistance of (at least) one stage technician, available throughout the full 4 weeks of studio time.
  • Mentoring from a MODINA academic partner throughout the residency (including a 3-day co-located workshop).
  • Promotion.
  • Documentation (photos, videos, etc).
  • Invitation to pre/post events:
    • Invitation to kick-off event in Tallinn, 20-21 September 2023, with all 10 selected artists for the 5 residencies and representatives of all MODINA partner institutions (travel, accommodation, and daily fee paid).
    • Invitation to final event for MODINA in Düsseldorf, in early 2026 (travel, accommodation, and daily fee paid).
    • Showcasing the outcome of the residency in approximately 3 more countries within the MODINA network, in the second half of 2024. This is as a follow-up, outside of the scope of the residency; an additional budget will be proposed for it.

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