LIVEMX: Open Call for Jurors

Projects evaluation and open call for jury.

The LIVEMX project, co-funded by the European Union, is launching a call for jurors for the evaluation of proposals in response to three Open Calls for Proposals within the LIVEMX project timeframe.

Ultimately, the project consortium is seeking an experienced pool reflecting a balanced and diverse group of
individuals. Applicants must be available and committed to evaluate the three open calls for projects.

To be part of the evaluators’ pool, candidates must showcase:

  • A solid knowledge and experience within the Music Sector.
  • High level of expertise in one or more of the thematic areas of the call – Music Export, Live Venues, Digital Circulation and Engagement (at least 4 years of experience in the domain(s) of expertise covered by the specific assignment).
  • Good level of English (minimum B2 level).
  • Ability to use IT tools required for the evaluation procedure.
  • Availability on the expected timeframe for short-term assignments.
  • Prior experience in the evaluation of funded projects, at the national or European level.
  • Previous experience in Project Management and/or Implementation.

Jurors are expected to evaluate the three open calls as per the anticipated timeframes outlined below:

  • First call: January – March 2024.
  • Second call: July / August 2024.
  • Third call: December 2024 / January 2025.

For each call, the appointed jurors will be entitled to receive a total remuneration of EUR 1400 (including VAT), resulting in a cumulative payment of EUR 4200 for their services.


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