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GuestRoomMaribor: ‘Constructing Care’ Residency (Slovenia)

Two pairs of hands, held out in darkness, not touching.

GuestRoomMaribor invites artists and cultural professionals to apply for a research-based residency project in Maribor, Slovenia in summer 2024. The organisers welcome applications from candidates from different stages of their careers and backgrounds, with a focus on caregiving in visual arts, cultural theory, performance and curating. The residency period lasts 35 days (days of travel not included) and 5 residents will be hosted in the same period of time.

Constructing Care is a research-based residency project that aims to address the issues of the global care crisis from a local perspective. GuestRoomMaribor are inviting artists and cultural professionals to explore the local communities of care – affinity groups, day care institutions, personal carers’ unions as well as families involved in care – and to participate in knowledge production joining Maribor-based and Slovene artists, researchers, activists and socially engaged cultural practitioners. The residency also aims to foster cultural production – a new artistic work or curatorial plan. Long term plan (for 2025) is to create and present an exhibition devoted to the art of care based on the echoes of the residency Constructing Care.

Applications that address care as an intimate, personal and interpersonal act are welcome, as well as proposals that reflect on the political dimensions of the crisis of care: as the lack of appropriate state support, the link between care workers and migration, feminised labour in the care sphere, and the gender aspect of the invisible unpaid care work, etc. The project will enhance networking among the engaged artists and the local scene, to present the care community as a self-aware and empowered affinity group.

GuestRoomMaribor supports a collaborative environment through a tailored programme that encourages interdisciplinary exploration and engagement. The programme also offers professional development activities, including mentoring sessions, lectures with researchers and scholars.


  • Daily allowance: 25 EUR x 35 days = 875 EUR.
  • Travel allowance: 350 EUR or 700 EUR (350 EUR if you travel a distance under 600 km or 350 EUR + 350 EUR (top-up) if you travel a distance from 600 km to 5000 km.
    • Green top-up: no airplane both ways; for travel distance more than 600 km one way 350 EUR.
    • Visa allowance 80 EUR.
    • Family top-up for residents with one or more children below the age of 10 in the amount of 100 EUR.
    • Disability Support up to 75 EUR per day per participant with special needs linked to disability.
  • Free accommodation in separate units.
  • Curatorial and productional support.

GuestRoomMaribor will be accepting artists working in various fields of visual, performative and relational art - painting, drawing, photography, video art, graphic arts, digital arts, sculpture, site specific practices, relational aesthetics, community arts and performing arts, curation. Applicants must be legal residents of one of the Creative Europe countries beyond Slovenia.


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