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Goethe-Institut: Cities Ahead in Logroño (Spain)

A young person with a backward facing baseball cap and a skater look is gazing out onto a cityscape of tall clustered buildings.

Cities Ahead is a European programme initiated by the Goethe-Institut that promotes the transformation of creative places. Its aim is to transform the city into an ideal ecosystem for culture and creativity, harnessing its full potential for global dissemination and international cultural cooperation. Logroño, as the host city of Concéntrico – International Festival of Architecture and Design, will act as a pioneer of the programme in Spain.

Cities Ahead is launching an open call for international creatives to propose participatory actions for the transformation of the public space, integrating aspects of urban innovation and sustainable/ecological development. This call aims to put the citizens of Logroño at the centre of the city’s future. By implementing a participatory artistic, activist or any other creative action in Logroño, the city will become a vivid marketplace for new ideas, tools and formats. The project puts the initiatives of artists, designers, activists and other creatives in dialogue with the citizens of Logroño. The current challenges of insufficient investments, deterioration of shared values and shrinking public spaces are prevalent in many cities and will be tackled in Logroño through participatory practices that support ecological, economic and social sustainability. Being engaged in the development, production and adoption of public spaces will lead to a greater sense of responsibility and belonging among the citizens.

The programme will fund innovative and participatory practices with the aim of transforming the public space and helping to make it more creative, humane, sustainable and egalitarian. The proposed practice must be adapted to the local needs of Logroño and its citizens. From all applications, a jury will choose three practices that will be invited to come to Logroño and adapt their practice to the local context. To do so, the creatives will work closely with local stakeholders. The selected proposals will be carried out in Logroño during Concéntrico 09 – International Architecture and Design Festival, which will take place from 27 April - 2 May 2023.

Each of the selected projects will receive 2000€ as a project fee and 2000€ for the execution of the project on site, which includes a lump sum for travel expenses and any additional material or development costs.


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