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Future Laboratory: Research Residencies

Future Laboratory

Future Laboratory is a network of twelve European performing arts institutions with a strong international component who are working collaboratively in an exciting new partnership to discover the European narratives of tomorrow.

Over the course of 30 months, Future Laboratory will select 15 artists to participate in three research residencies in three partner institutions in three different cities. Each selected artist will be allocated a dedicated partner institution who will contract them for the duration of the project. Dedicated partner institutions will be from the country the artist is applying from or one of the other partners institutions from the Future Laboratory network.

Each host institution will offer the artists the opportunity to connect with local resources – research organisations, foundations, artists, members of their communities – so they can explore the socio-political realities in each partner theatre and its cities. In each city, local mentors will act as facilitators, guides for the artists to make sure that they meet the objectives of the residencies and that they make the most efficient use of the available contacts and resources.

The overall objective for the artists is to formulate a project idea that matches their own artistic convictions and that will be the result of their research and experience. At the end of the project, the artists will have the opportunity to present their concept idea for a production to the partner institutions at a closing symposium.

The artists must be available for 3 residencies in 3 different countries lasting 10 working days (so two weeks in total) to take place between October 2022 and October 2024.

The artists must be available to attend the three masterclass events:

  • Launch Masterclass in Liege (between the 6 and 8 of October 2022).
  • Halfway Masterclass in Milano (3 days in the autumn of 2023, dates TBD).
  • Final Symposium in Luxembourg (one week in November 2024, dates TBD).

Future Laboratory offers:

  • Three research residency periods in three different cities hosted by the partner institution of that city.
  • A project coach for each artist to provide mentoring in between residencies, support during the research process and guidance with the concept presentations for a production.
  • Three masterclass events with workshops and networking opportunities with the partner institutions
  • Financial support for their participation: lump sum fee or total salary for their research (preparation of the residencies, residency in 3 cities, follow up on the residencies), for a total amount of 11,580 euros, including all deductions and taxes, for a total of 60 days of work.
  • All expenses linked to travel for the three residencies (2 weeks each) and the three masterclass events (3 days each for the Launch and Halfway Masterclass, 1 week for the Final Symposium):
    • International travel with a strong preference for environmentally responsible means of travel, for a maximum of 6 trips.
    • Per-diems at a rate of 36 euros per day, for a maximum of 55 days.
    • Accommodation, for a maximum of 55 days.

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