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Flanders Arts Institute: Call for Proposals for Working Sustainably Internationally (Online)

A blooming cloud of bright blue smoke in between two graffitied walls.

The arts field is largely internationally oriented. But what does ‘international’ mean today? Are we talking about countries, markets, cultures, languages, histories? And to what extent is ‘international’ territorial, especially if you look at the diverse communities present in Flanders and Brussels?

International professional travel is a privilege, for which one needs opportunities and (access to) resources. It is increasingly fast-paced, expensive, and associated with a large ecological footprint.

How can the ‘timeout’ on international transit imposed by Covid offer the time and space to look for solutions?

Are there any issues around international work that concern you? Do you have ideas on how to make it more sustainable, and do you feel like working out some of them with a group of people sharing the same concern over a period of maximum one year?

This call is open to artists and arts professionals in Flanders, Belgium or elsewhere in the world. Seven applicants will be selected to form a working group – first coming together in April 2021 – with a budget of 12,000 euros to pay for working time. A fair distinction will be made between participants with a fixed income and those working on a freelance or independent basis.


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