Ettijahat: Zad Programme for the Mobility of Artists from the Arab Region Residing in Europe

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Zad is a support framework designed to promote mobility and communication for artists from the Arab region residing in Europe. An initiative of Ettijahat, its main objective is to develop artists’ creative and professional path in collaboration with their peers and across various artistic spaces and platforms.

Zad’s support covers all artistic and literary specialisations and is open to individuals of all ages. Some examples of this support include: presenting theatrical works and live artistic performances, concerts at music festivals, streaming films in cities and places where they have not previously been streamed, organising or joining literary readings, organising and relocating art exhibitions, and sharing the outcomes of artist residencies.

All artists (individuals or groups) from the Arab region, regardless of their ethnic background, who have relocated to Europe since 2015, are eligible to apply. The programme gives priority to artists who moved from the following countries: Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya.

Zad provides financial contributions to display artistic works in new spaces. This support could cover mobility within the current country of residence or travel expenses within Europe, and it falls within three main categories:

  • Travel and accommodation costs coverage: This includes transportation costs, internal transportation, daily expenses, travel insurance coverage, including any costs related to special needs or health conditions, and accommodation costs. This can also cover the travel costs of children and partners as well as childcare costs.
  • Coverage of transportation and shipment costs of artworks and production materials.
  • Coverage of the costs of translating artworks into several languages and the costs of simultaneous translation during live meetings with the public.

The programme encourages the adoption of environmental and economic solutions, if possible, when considering travel options.

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