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Esch2022: Residency for an XR Project Prototype (Luxembourg)

Two figures in a room wearing VR headsets which are both connected to a central box with small video screens.

Spektrum, the flagship project of the City of Rumelange within the framework of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, is a multidisciplinary project conceptualised by The Impact Lab. Spektrum will be implemented in a sustainable manner on the future Spektrum site, whose architecture is provided by the 2001 agency with scenography by Njoy.

The Spektrum site will open its doors in 2022. It consists of Albert Hames’ former dwelling house transformed into creative spaces, immersive guest rooms, common areas, his preserved and staged workshop, a gallery/lounge area, a winter garden, and a new annex of housing spaces for creative workshops. Thanks to its open architecture and its programming built, in large part, on the principles of the sharing economy and collaborative innovation, the site will fit perfectly into the trend of creative tourism, local nomadism and immersive experiences.

This residency opportunity is aimed at an XR team whose project is in the prototyping phase and needs to be put into the hands of the public in order to validate certain elements, for example:

  • The spectator experience.
  • UX design (ease of handling and clarity of interactions).
  • Technical aspects: robustness of the equipment when it is in the hands of the spectators.
  • Mediation.
  • On-boarding (speech given before the spectator is equipped), off-boarding (speech to be held after the experience).
  • Validation of the actors’ play if there is any.
  • General understanding of storytelling.
  • Observation of reactions and emotions aroused.
  • Etc.

The residency will take place for a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 20 days during November 2022.

The organisers provide:

  • An allowance of €5000 gross.
  • Accommodation from the municipality of Rumelange.
  • Return transport covered up to a maximum of €250 upon presentation of supporting documents.
  • A production envelope of €1000 gross can be made available for the purchase of additional equipment that will remain the propriety of Spektrum.

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