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EIT Culture & Creativity: Call for Expert Evaluators (Remote)

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EIT Culture & Creativity is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). They are a Knowledge and Innovation Community designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI).

For the next 7 years, EIT Culture & creativity will:

  • Empower and connect creatives and innovators across Europe and contribute to a more resilient, more sustainable, and transformational sector.
  • Unlock latent value from a multitude of small cultural and creative stakeholders through technology transfer, improved cross-sectoral collaboration and their effective integration in production value networks.
  • Strengthen artistic driven innovation as an indispensable part the European Innovation Ecosystem.
  • Reinforce the appreciation and anchoring of European values, and identities.
  • Harness the unique position of the Cultural & Creative Sectors & Industries to facilitate Europe’s Green, Digital and Social transitions.

EIT Culture & Creativity will initially appoint a pool of external experts to support the evaluation and selection process for the open call for proposals for activities to be included as part of the KIC’s business plan for 2024-2025. The portfolio of proposals to be evaluated covers the thematic areas corresponding to EIT Culture & Creativity Strategic Objectives: Education, Innovation, (Business) Creation, Society and Systems.

Over the course of their appointment, experts shall:

  • Become acquainted with the relevant background document (all call-related documents and guidelines) and attend the online briefing/ training with EIT Culture & Creativity officers.
  • Evaluate the assigned proposals according to the pre-defined evaluation criteria and following the scoring instructions. Experts will provide qualitative evaluation, which includes adequate explanatory justification for the score assigned to each criterion.
  • Where appropriate, participate in consensus meetings with other evaluators to discuss and agree the scorings. When necessary, experts may be tasked to act as rapporteurs for the consensus meetings.

All evaluations carried out by the selected experts will be fully remote, and no allocations for travel and subsistence are assigned.

The role of an evaluator under this call is remunerated with a fee of EUR 500 for 1 full day / 250 for 0.5 working days.


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