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Don Sen Folo: GNININI Women Research Residency for African Choreographers (Mali)

A woman climbs a wooden ladder to nowhere as she holds a clutch of grass and flowers to the sky.

In 2020, Don Sen Folo opened an artistic residency, the Don Sen Folo – LAB, on two hectares in the village of Bancoumana, 50 km from Bamako. This space can accommodate artists for their research, experimentation and creative work.

Built with respect for tradition and the environment, Don Sen Folo – LAB is about people, considering what they are and what they have. Man must reclaim his history and his territory, and imagine a world where there are no boundaries between people, between Man and Nature, between past and present, between the Living and the Non-Living.

For artists, taking up residency at Don Sen Folo – LAB means seeking to restore a link with the local population and give birth to new shared imaginations.

It’s about putting the artist-citizen-actor back at the heart of society.

GNININI WOMEN is a laboratory for young African choreographers under 35 years of age.

GNININI is an open space set in a territory conducive to exchanges and encounters with local residents. A space where Art is accessible everywhere and to everyone, as a promise, a dream, a gift.

The residency will take place over 2 consecutive months of choreographic work in common spaces (public space) either from 8 January – 3 March 2023 (inclusive) or from 1 April – 26 May 2023 (inclusive).

The residency covers round-trip transportation from your place of residence to the Don Sen Folo-LAB in Bancoumana, Mali. By bus if you come from West Africa, by plane if you come from another African country. It also provides board and lodging for two months at the Don Sen Folo – LAB in Bancoumana, and a work grant of a total of 400,000 CFA francs for the two-month residency.


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